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Suet Cakes for Wild Birds in Standard Sizes

Suet is designed to attract the beautiful insect eating birds like woodpeckers, mockingbirds, grosbeaks, orioles, chickadees, nuthatches, wrens and warblers and many other birds, including blue jays, robins, orioles, and cardinals love suet as well. Offer these ready-to-go suet cakes in a suet cage or special suet feeder. Ingredients include rendered beef suet, flavored pellets, millet, and corn.

All items labeled "treat" are a traditional poured suet product and will become soft and pliable around 100 degrees. Click Here for more information about why it's important to offer suet to your backyard birds.

All suet cakes labeled "Delight" are refined even further and pressed to produce a "no melt" suet that can be fed during the hottest temperatures. Suet Plus (WSC product numbers) suet cakes come in easy open, no mess eco-friendly packaging with a melt resistant formula.

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C & S, Suet Plus & Pine Tree Farms
Suet Cakes (11 - 13.5 oz.)
Wild bird suet cakes
approx. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/4"

$2.97 Each

For use in our
(shown below)

and our other Suet Feeders

and Cedar Feeders with suet cages


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 Apple Snack Suet Cake (#WSC206)
  Apple Treats Suet Cake (No Melt) (#CS545)
 Blueberry Twist Suet Cake (#WSC208)
 Cherry Treat Suet Cake (#CS535)
 Fruit & Nut Delight Suet Cake (No Melt) (#PTF1750)
  Fruit N' Nut Treat Suet Cake (#CS543)
  Hot Pepper Delight Suet Cake (No Melt) (#CS553)
 Hot Pepper Blend Suet Cake (#WSC211)
 Insect Suet Cake No Melt Suet Cake (#PTF3015)
 Nuts & Berry Blend Suet Cake (#WSC202)
  Nutty Treat Suet Cake (#CS50559)
  Orange Treat Suet Cake (#CS50561)
 Orange Delight Suet Cake (#PTF1080)
  Peanut Butter Suet Cake (#PTF1110)
 Peanut Delight Suet Cake (#CS507 No Melt)
 Peanut (Natural) No Melt Suet Cake (COLESGCNPSU)
 Peanut Blend Suet Cake (#WSC204)
  Raisin-N-Nut Suet Cake (#PTF1750)
  Sunflower Treat Suet Cake (#CS50563)
 Sunflower Blend Suet Cake (#WSC221)
 Wild Bird Blend Suet Cake (#WSC203)
 Woodpecker No-Melt Suet Dough (#WSC359)
 Woodpecker Blend Suet Cake (#WSC209)
 Year Round Hi Energy Suet & Seed (#PTF6010)
 Zesty Orange Suet Cake (#WSC207)

Small Suet Cake Cage

C&S Standard Size
Suet Cake Cage


This suet cage features a convenient plastic coated wire cage for easy and safe dispensing of wild bird suet cakes. Holds one standard suet cake, and includes chain and hook for hanging. Hang 2-4 in your yard in different locations.

1 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 5". Hang close to a tree trunk for maximum results!!


Please also check out our Suet Feeders page.


Double Suet Cake Cage

C&S Back to Back
Suet Cake Cage

Plastic coated black wire basket with chain hanger. Will hold two suet cakes back to back. 2.75" x 5.25" x 5.125" high.

Our Suet Baskets are a necessary key to your successful wild bird feeding. Hang 2-4 in your yard, close to a tree trunk for maximum results!!


Please also check out our Suet Feeders page.


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