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Squirrel Houses

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The Chuckanut
Squirrel Condo

Picture of Squirrel Condo


Mount your squirrel condo 20-30 feet above the ground on a tree for best results.

Squirrels Need Houses Too!!

Most squirrels are intelligent, inquisitive, skillful and handsome....many folks enjoy watching and feeding them a good deal. Here's your chance to also help them with housing if you like keeping them around. Squirrels are dependent on natural tree cavities for nesting sites and winter homes. In most rural areas these sites have been eliminated, creating a need for artificial homes or nesting boxes.

DID YOU KNOW that most squirrels have two litters a year? in winter and one in summer, so they need plenty of nesting sites! The Chuckanut Squirrel Condo is the perfect answer!! Constructed of durable cedar and left unfinished to blend with nature. Includes a removable top for easy clean out. The squirrel condo is 7-1/4" wide by 9-1/4" deep by 18" tall. It is most successful when mounted 20-30 feet above the ground on a tree.


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