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Hummingbirds feed on flower nectar and insects. If you make your own nectar, the correct solution that resembles plant nectar should be:

  • 1 part sugar
  • 4 parts water
Boil the water first, then add the sugar. The boiling water will ensure your nectar stays fresh longer and retards fermentation. Add the sugar to the water after it has boiled. Don't boil the sugar and water together. Doing so will cause some of the water to evaporate and will create nectar that is too concentrated. If the nectar is too sweet it can damage a bird's liver.

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  1. Red food coloring or dye - as long as your feeder has red on it, this will attract the hummingbirds.
  2. Artificial sweeteners which have no nutritional value.
  3. Honey which ferments quickly and causes a deadly fungus.

Place your feeders in the shade and keep out of direct sun and wind. Be sure to clean your feeders regularly and replace the solution every week. Clean your feeders with hot water or a 10% bleach solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before refilling.

It is extremely important to change your solution more often (every 2-3 days) when the weather is hot or consistently over 60 degrees.

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