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Picture of Hummingbird bathing on misted leaf
Hummingbirds love to bathe
on misted leaves!

Some good plant and flower
choices for each region include:
Flowering Quinces
Red sages
Butterfly bush
Bee Balms


Indian paint brushes

Trumpet creepers
Flowering quinces


Bee Balms
Cardinal flowers
Flowering crabapples
Red buckeyes


Providing nectar feeders is the quickest and simplest way to attract hummingbirds to your backyard. Visit our On-Line Hummingbird Store for some unique Hummingbird feeders. However, planting nectar bearing flowers is the best long term approach to keeping them around. Get started now with your own hummingbird garden and watch it grow year by year!

Flowers and Foliage That Attract Hummingbirds
  • Flowers that depend on the hummingbird for pollination, do all they can to please and attract Hummingbirds. Their blossoms project into the open where the birds won’t get caught in the foliage. Their trumpet shapes accommodate their long bills, and discourage other insects. Since Hummingbirds have no ability to smell, the flowers do not need to be scented. Red, tube like flowers are your best choice to attract Hummingbirds. A good term to become familiar with is "ornithophilous" which describes a bird-loving plant.
  • Talk to the experts at your local garden center to select plants that grow best in your area. Your first choice should be flowers and plants that grow naturally in your region.
  • Select flowers that bloom at different times of the year. You don't want your garden to bloom all at once.
  • Try not to use pesticides in your hummingbird garden. Hummingbirds will enjoy eating the spiders, aphids and gnats as an added source of protein.
  • Create both sun and shade area in your hummingbird garden. A good hummingbird garden has more than just hummingbird flowers. It is a whole habitat. Sun and shade should be created by trees and open areas. Your hummingbird flowers will need sun to grow and your hummingbirds will need the shade to perch in between feedings.
  • Don't forget the importance of plants that provide nesting materials. Hummingbirds like downy like materials for their nests, using these fibers with bits of leaves, spider webs, moss, and lichens to construct their nests. Willow trees and eucalyptus trees are invaluable for providing downy like materials.
  • Hummingbirds love to bathe on misted leaves. Add a water mister around broad leafed plants and watch them take a bath!
  • Be sure to position your hummingbird garden where you can see it and get the most enjoyment out of it.

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