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Birdhouse Dimensions Chart

Follow the chart below to determine the proper nest box dimensions for each bird species. Not all birds will use a nesting cavity, but those that will do have preferences for the dimensions of the box and the diameter of the entrance hole. Not all birds will follow this chart, so don't be surprised if another bird decides to nest in a box you intended for someone else!

Picture of wren house
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American Robin*7" x 8"8 "--------6-15'
Barn Owls10" x 18"15-18"4"6"12-18'
Bluebirds5" x 5"8-12"6-10"1 1/2 to 1 9/16"4-6'
Chickadees4" x 4"8-10"6-8"1 1/8"4-15'
Common & Northern Flicker7" x 7"16-18"14-16"2 1/2"6-20'
Flycatchers6" x 6"8-12"6-10"1 1/2 to 1 3/4"5-15'
House Finch6" x 6"6"4"2"8-12'
House Sparrows4" x 4" to 5" x 5"9-12"6-7"1 3/16 - 2" --
Nuthatches4" x 4"8-10"6-8"1 1/4 to 1 3/8"5-15'
Osprey48" x 48" Platform----------------
Phoebes*6" x 6"6"--------8-12'
Purple Martins6" x 6"6"1-2"1 3/4" - 2 1/4"10-15'
Downy Woodpecker4" x 4"8-10"6-8"1 1/4"5-15'
Hairy Woodpecker6" x 6"12-15"9-12"1 1/2"8-20'
Pileated Woodpecker8" x 8"16-24"12-20"3x4"15-25'
Red-Bellied Woodpecker6" x 6"12-15"9-12"2 1/2"10-20'
Red-Headed Woodpecker6" x 6"12-15"9-12"2"10-20'
Red-Tailed Hawk and Great Horned Owl24" x 24" Platform----------------
Screech Owls and Kestrels8" x 8"12-15"9-12"3"10-30'
Barn Swallows*6" x 6"6"--------8-12'
Violet-Green and Tree Swallows5" x 5"6-8"4-6"1 1/2"5-15'
Titmice4" x 4"10-12"6-10"1 1/4"5-15'
Prothonotary Warbler5" x 5"6"4-5"1 1/8"4-8'
Wood Ducks10" x 18"10-24"12-16"4"10-20'
Wrens4" x 4"6-8"4-6"1 to 1 1/2"5-10'
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker5" x 5"12-15"9-12"1 1/2"10-20'
*Prefers a nesting shelf.

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