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Mealworms and Bluebird Nuggets for Bluebirds and Other Wild Birds

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3.5 Ounce Freeze Dried Mealworms in
ReSealable Bag

Picture of Dried Mealworms


3.5 Oz. Bag

Mealworms in ReSealable Bag
NOW!! No more messing with fresh squiggly mealworms!!

Easier to feed and less messy than live mealworms, these energy packed morsels are Mother Nature's perfect treat for all your insect loving songbirds.

All insect eating birds like cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, robins, nuthatches, titmice, bluebirds, chickadees, mockingbirds, orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks, towhees, wrens and many many more will flock to your feeder again and again for this favorite food! 50% protein, 25% fat and preservative and additive free!

Soft, juicy mealworms, more natural than freeze dried!
Picture of Dried Mealworms

Item #TIM4004

2.4 Oz. Can

Birdwachers Choice Mealworms
New packaging process for more natural mealworms.

Birdwatcher's Choice Mealworms are an easy alternative to feeding live prey to attract birds.

Unlike freeze-dried worms, the unique packaging process of Bird Watcher's Choice mealworms locks in natural juices, keeping them soft and moist, just like live ones.

2.4 oz can containing approximately 2500+.

Picture of Bluebird Nuggets Food
Item #SE646

10 Oz. Bag

Dried Mealworms
Large 10 oz Package

Dried mealworms are easier to feed and less messy than live mealworms. 100% natural dried mealworms for feeding your backyard birds year round.

Insect loving birds will devour these for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Feed alone or mix with seed. More protein than live mealworms!

Picture of Bluebird Nuggets Food
Item #CS06526

27 Oz. Bag

Bluebird Nuggets Plus

Bluebird Nuggets are a ready to feed nugget with a high-energy suet base formulation that is a favorite of bluebirds. They can be fed in traditional bluebird feeders or platform feeders.

27 ounces in a bag. Ingredients: Rendered Beef Suet, Roasted Peanuts, Corn, Oats, Raisins, and Soy Oil.


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