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Picture of sunflowerThe most frequent visitors to your backyard will be seed eating birds. Black-oil sunflower seed is the most popular choice of seed eating birds. In fact the experts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service endorse sunflower seed as the #1 choice for most wild birds.

Black-oil sunflower has a higher percentage of meat and is a very nutritious source of high quality protein. The softer outer shell makes it easy for smaller birds like chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, goldfinches, pine siskins and finches. The seed also boasts a high concentration of oil which is especially important in the Winter. Birds will use their oil glands to spread the oil over their feathers to keep them buoyant, dry and warm.

Sunflower seed will disappear first in your feeding station. If you have ever offered a wild bird seed mix to your birds, you may have noticed that your birds will push aside the other seed in pursuit of the sunflower seed. Get the maximum enjoyment out of your wild bird feeding by offering black-oil sunflower seed!
Picture of black oil sunflower seed for wild birds
Have our high quality
black oil sunflower seed
delivered to your door!

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