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Bird Feeder Poles, Brackets and Accessories

Highly useful bird feeder and birdhouse pole systems and adapters to help you mount your bird feeder or birdhouse.
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Step In Bird Feeder Pole - Green

Item #HIATT38016



Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole Kit

The Bird Feeder Pole is incredibly easy to install by following the step-by-step instructions on the back of the package. The pole comes with a ground socket to further simplify installation.

The sturdy, two-piece pole can be placed anywhere in your yard or garden. Tube feeders are designed to slide directly onto the top of the Bird Feeder Pole no tools required! Diameter of pole is 1 inch. It is 60 inches from the ground to platform. Length of ground socket is 14.25 inches.

Dimensions of top mounting bracket are 6.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall.

Cedar 4x4 Pole Mount
Item #PINE30622
84" Tall


Single Feeder Pole and Screw Adapter by PineBush

Screw together pole system adds stability with positive screw-in connections.

1-inch pole system Includes ground spike and feeder adapters.

4 x 4 Recycled Post Mount
6.5" x 2" x 72" Tall


Woodlink 4-Piece Pole Kit

3-Piece Pole Kit plus bracket from Woodlink. Dark green in color. Bird feeder pole is 60 inches tall from the ground to the platform when installed. Feeder pole and mounting platform are designed to work with both covered and open platform bird feeders. Holds up to a 30 lb feeder. Bird pole kit contains: Two Pole Sections (1 inch diameter); Mounting Platform (2" X 6.5"); Ground Socket (1.25" diameter by 14" long); Mounting Screws are .75 inches long.

This pole is more stable than most, since the pole itself is only 2 pieces, not 3 or more sections that are more likely to wobble or even come apart in a strong wind.

Heritage Farms Universal 1" Steel Pole Kit
Item #HF75860


Heritage Farms Universal 1" Steel Pole Kit

Universal Pole Kit. Fits most mountable feeders. Includes adapters for flat and 3/4 inch threaded hole mounts.

Please keep in mind that any pole system with multiple sections that slide together is not likely to be as stable as one with fewer sections, and/or a more positive connection method. This pole kit is probably best suited to lighter weight bird feeders, such as hummingbird feeders.

Durable 1 inch OD powder coated steel. Five 16 inch sections, total length 72 inches.

Bird House Mount w/Screws
3" x 2" x 2.25"


Bird House Mount w/Screws

Bird House Mount w/Screws. Black powder-coated flange attaches to the base of a birdhouse or nest box with the included screws. Stem slides into 1" O.D. pole for pole mounting.

Vertical Birdhouse Mounting Platform
Item #RGBA01131
72" Above Ground


Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit

Includes everything you need to create a full-featured bird feeding and bathing station. Just add up to 3 of your favorite feeders.

Kit includes: Decorative twin hook with fleur-de-lys finial, bird bath support ring and bird bath, small feeder hook, mesh feeder tray, and heavy duty feeder pole.

Three section pole builds for full height 7 ft 5 in (6 ft above ground). Sturdy, coated steel hangers will last for many years. Easy assembly.

Home Bazaar
Item #HOMEHB2097P
10" x 10" x 59"

(before discount)

Home Bazaar
Classic Pedestal/Tall

You have asked for it and now we are pleased to announce the introduction of a moderately priced display pedestal at nearly 60 inch in height.

This pedestal is intended to support medium sized birdhouses that command a Pedestal.


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