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Bee, Wasp & Yellow Jacket Traps

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Picture of Spring Star Bee, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Lure

Yellow Jacket
and Wasp Trap

Spring Star Slim Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap

Catch yellow jackets without pesticides. This version of our trap is narrower, but just as effective. It's designed to let a few insects escape and return to the nest, after which they revisit to the trap, bringing additional wasps to the trap.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3" x 3".


  Picture of Spring Star Bee, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Lure

Set of Two Lures

Spring Star Yellow Jacket & Wasp Lures

This set of two SpringStar Yellowjacket and Wasp lures safely and efficiently attracts yellowjackets and other wasps with an all natural scent combination.

They are safe for the environment and have been proven to attract more wasps than all other brands! Works in all yellow jacket and wasp traps.




Traps placed out in the early spring will help to severely reduce the yellow jacket population in the fall. For every female you capture in the early spring, that will eliminate a yellow jacket nest of 500 - 5,000!

Only the fertilized female yellow jacket over winters. All males die during the Winter, and perhaps that is why they are so aggressive in the early fall, they know its their last "hoorah".

When fertilized females emerge from hibernation in early spring, she needs protein to nurse her offspring until she can raise some workers. Placing protein like meat scraps in your bee trap will increase the effectiveness of attracting the female in the Spring.

Place your bee traps away from high traffic areas. You want to lure them away from your outdoor entertaining areas!


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